Benefits of Membership

  • A National Conference is held annually.  Details of this year’s conferences are available here.
  • Each Chapter conducts seminars at a local level relating to issues, which are current in their jurisdictions.  See the information on the individual Chapters on this site for further information.
  • The Association also publishes the international academic journal, International Journal of Law & Education (previously known as Australia & New Zealand Journal of Law & Education). 
  • The ANZELA Reporter is produced twice a year as an additional means of advising members of what is going on within the organisation and the different chapters. It will also be used to update members on significant developments in education and the law in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.
  • Local Chapters sometimes provide other publications which keep members informed of issues, and provide articles and commentary.
  • All members receive these publications as part of their annual membership subscription. 

If you have any enquiries about ANZELA you should contact any member of the current committee of the Association, or the contact person of your local Chapter.  You can contact these people via the Contact Us tab